I get such great ideas from your website and cook from your book often. Applying what is clearly meant as an insult (“elitist”) to someone’s effort to bridge a gap certainly voids the hospitality part too. Add in the Brussels sprouts, leeks and cabbage, bring back to the boil and cook for 4-5 minutes. But the dish was far too soupy. Third, I had one fennel at home and that’s what I used, even though it was less than prescribed in the recipe… I can safely say that the dish is deep and warming and fantastic and does not taste of licorice or fennel. XO. I probably failed at mixing sufficiently, but a few stuck together and we’re a bit undercooked. Butter a 13×9-inch deep baking dish. I am estimating that there was at least 1 cup too much liquid in there, total. Beautifully said. Thank you, Deb, for sustenance for our minds as well as our bellies! I cannot get enough of Thanksgiving menus and plans. I had a similar one by Le Gourmet Chef that broke–and they are no longer in business. Thanks Deb! As others have noted, you really don’t taste the fennel—it provides a silky texture and earthy flavor, but nothing like licorice. Do branch out from the Times list though; keep in mind that they are the sort of institution that helped create/maintain such a disconnect! Delicate thin slices of rutabega, potato, and celery root, plus a Parmesan-scented cream sauce, make this holiday gratin truly special. Nobody’s going to judge you if you use storebought broth or take any and all shortcuts that work better for you. Or they have no interest in dealing with the enraged internet hordes they fear might materialize regardless of their opinions. Also, I’ve been following you from here from the beginning and have been so thankful for many, many wonderful recipes and tips. I found no sogginess with the breadcrumbs mostly because it’s quite a lot, not a thin coating. Namaste and Peace to all of you. Cooking, tossing occasionally, until lightly browned and tender, about 10 minutes. You should know that your lovely and very useful blog has been a sanctuary of a sort for me the last x month. I didn’t want anyone to mistake my 10 years (and next 10 years; this conversation will only happen once) of silence on politics for apathy; I want to acknowledge what’s happening in our world while still hopefully providing a respite from it. I know you recommended baking first and then freezing but I think I’m going to try freezing it all assembled but unbaked. <3. I blew so many minds with this recipe. Epicurious. Much needed levity. I am always inspired by your blog as a young home cook also living in NYC. I only have a sister available. A few days ago, FB served up a photo memory of when my friends and I stood in line to have our books signed by you in San Fransisco. We can’t pretend that the personal and political are separate. Take Deb’s advice and BAKE THEM before putting them in fridge/freezer. I love food and I love to read about it, cook it, eat it and grocery shop for it. (But I love that you are a leftie/pinko/femi-nazi/riotgrrl, Deb! !” I think, “I’m sorry that you’re upset. (But you don’t even taste it here! I came here precisely for some comfort on this sad, sad week. If I’m not upset about something and someone else is, and they comment on their blog about being upset by it, I don’t usually think “I’m not upset about this how dare you be!!!! Yay! I used your pizza recipe :) i was concerned about the coconut cream being too strong a flavor in the mix. Add the garlic and cook for one minute more. I WANT to like it. Not sure why the sweet potatoes disintegrated, but I know that fennel was sauteed specifically so it would wilt/meld with the other vegetables. Wishing you all well, and my family loves Deb and her recipes. I second that, too. (The craziest I’ve gotten is a sweet potato recipe I found on here, with mixed results). I do have this gratin in the freezer, a new pie I’ll share in a day or two, a pie I’m putting in the next book and a turkey on order, which, btw, was harder to find than we’d expected! This is healthy and wholesome and I really love gratins! Why should this judgement-free zone end with cooking? this is literally the only media i’ve been able to consume since tuesday night. Democracy is changing and so are its rules, even if it does not seem that way, even if we feel cheated, deceived, sadly and shockingly surprised . Olive oil; 1 large onion, sliced (1 1/2 cups) 2 cups (1/4-inch-sliced) fennel, top and core, if thick, removed Note: I halved the recipe and it served four hearty eaters, and could have served six. Oh, great NYT link. I starting entering your URL thinking, “Please, please let there be a new recipe to distract me, even momentarily, from the fear and despair and hate…” and you came through. (As it happens, I am also hypoglycemic and lactose intolerant, lol. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. prairierthfarm.com The beet walnut dip is one of the best things to ever cross my lips and its really fun to look at. Didn’t have fennel or celery root. I feel like they’re so amazing roasted as rings because you don’t have to peel them. Slowly whisk cream into the skillet mixture, Bring to a simmer and reduce heat to low. It is my happy place. I’m sadly not a fan of cream in anything, though this looks delicious. This is the first time I’ve said something “online” (not even on FB) since the election and I kinda feel nervous. *You’re* always my favorite web visit…. I, too, hate fennel and will use parsnips or rutabaga — or maybe both and leave the potato out. Cover the dish with aluminum foil, place on a baking sheet and bake for 1 hour. Still struggling some, but reassured by posts like yours. This looks good too, I may have to make both! I was looking forward to serving this for Thanksgiving, but it is uneatable. Add vegetable stock, salt and pepper and stir until smooth. Oh is that why you never have beet recipes here? Sweet: Funnel Cake, Twinkie Bundt, Confetti Cookies, Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake and The ‘I Want Chocolate Cake’ Cake. But at least for me, they’re available everywhere potatoes are. I found it to be extremely different from his other more self absorbed books. I love your recipes. Garten's original recipe calls for 1/2 cup chicken broth and 2 1/2 cups heavy cream. ;-) ). Crazy. I find myself disappointed in those who, while so much a part of our daily culture, are just not brave enough to acknowledge the heavy emotions upon our hearts this week. I love George Packer. just microwaved it, the crumbs still crunchy :). We’ve made the avocado/cuke recipe many times over! I love your recipes and I’m always smiling as I read your posts. For an Irish woman, what is/are Yukon Gold? Honesty is always the best policy…. I added in some nutmeg too and an extra bouillon cube. Deb, thank you for not ignoring your feelings in your post. I made this tonight to test it for Thanksgiving. You could argue political stakes, especially these, carry a bit more gravitas than butterfat percentages, and you’d be absolutely correct, but that brings me back to A. I made this for Friendsgiving on Monday and Thanksgiving on Thursday. Dennis The Prescott. We ate the pie plate last night and I froze the enamel casserole to bring out in a couple of weeks when I’ll have more people around. I made it in the morning, placed it into the fridge until the late afternoon when I was ready to throw it into the oven (it was done with about 15 minutes to spare). Wishing everyone peace and hope. :). xo, We love your posts, your amazing sense of humor and yes is has been a hard and awful week… I will take your reading list to heart. Thanks for your sentiments re: election. I am sure it would work fine. His obvious intellect and education? For example, for this root vegetable gratin I used a variety of different tubers: fingerling sweet potatoes, hakurei and regular turnips, celery root, and sunchokes. Let’s have lots more of that, please. But I’ll cut the broth in half. I’d guess if I had split it into smaller dishes like you did, it would have been speedier. This was SO amazing, plus we have an extra in the freezer for Christmas. . Cooking, tossing occasionally, until lightly browned and tender, about 10 minutes. I’m inspired. New here? They may well show up and vote but the outcome of the election, regardless of what it is, is not a seismic cognitive shift. My supermarket also didn’t have Greyere, and I wanted to make this as easy as possible, so I bought one of those pre-shredded “4 Italian Cheese” cheese bags – it tasted great. Oh and the gratin looks scrumptious. Peace. First, thanks for welcoming us into your living room – my ideas about hospitality align very closely with yours. Then again, I might get lazy and simply roast a similar selection of root veggies, adding a glug of EVOO, and some herbs. This dish is huge. Thanks, Deb!! We’re not going to find the answers we seek in a comment section; we’re just going to end up cross with people a week ago we’d have been happy to trade cooking tips with. Thanks for referencing the election. But one thing I can easily change how well I understand things next time. The ombré of the title refers to the French term for graduated shades or colors. My friend made this for our Friendsgiving and it was SO UNBELIEVABLY DELICIOUS! 3 or more, freeze it. We were so impressed with this, even using a blend of manchego and cheddar instead of the gruyere. This looks and sounds amazing! did 2 cups bread crumbs with 3 tb butter. Long-caramelized with onions, it loses all licorice-y vibe. Prep Time: 10 minutes; Cook Time: 40 - 45 minutes; Servings: 4 - 6; Course: Side Dish; Put a spin on a traditional fall side with this colorful dish from Teri Lyn Fisher and Jenny Park of Spoon Fork Bacon. I think it takes on a different flavor when cooked. what if the last 35 people that made it hated it? Thank you for your post and link to the NYT book review list. I made it in one giant 10×15 pan and it fit well. The recipe says “2 cups chicken or vegetable stock or brother”. i appreciate this place being politics-free for the simple reason that sometimes some of us just need a break, and it’s nice knowing there will still be at least one safe space left to get one. Couldn’t find celery heart so I just upped the gold and sweet potatoes. How do you feel about coconut milk? I’m lucky, because my BFF and sister are both democrats so I am very fortunate that I get to have honest, thoughtful and kind dialogue with people I love and respect. The smell while this baking was incredible. As someone who loves to cook, whether for family, for myself, or for therapy, I’ve been contemplating the healing power of food the past few days. Insert hands up emoji!). I know it’s adapted from Marcela Hazan, but I would never have known about it if not for you. Thank you thank you thank you for both a beautiful gratin as well as your beautiful footnote. Thank you for the comfort of this post and this gratin, Deb. I promise I’ll make this. Do I feel you are talking specifically to me? This Whole30 compliant and Paleo-friendly dish is aimed to please all of the special dietary needs around your table this holiday season. Would you please be so kind as to tell us about the lovely linens which have appeared so subtly and elegantly in the last several recipes’ images? I never know what to substitute instead of cream etc!! I look forward to making it. I made your pumpkin muffins for my coworkers. Our root vegetable gratin pairs the earthy flavor of potatoes with thinly sliced sweet rutabaga and savory celery root. Thank you so much for this site, Deb. The chef recommended 4 websites and yours was one of them. Yes, there is a mixture of people who are elated about the election results (we won’t into why that’s problematic in many regards), people who are completely apolitical and inactive (again, problematic for the functioning of a strong democracy, but I won’t go into that), and people who are indeed grieving and scared. I am definitely on team casserole — anything you can do in advance makes sense on Thanksgiving, turkey aside. My collection of printed recipes are filled with Smitten Kitchen! Maybe I’ll just stick with my veggie stock. Root vegetable gratin with cream, stock & garlic. It seems to be one gesture of love (am I allowed to say that?!) To keep it more textured, you could slice it thin and bake it like the other gratin vegetables that go in raw. Love your blog. Deb I ordered Inas new book from her directly and bought the signed copy. The onion/fennel mix added great complexity to it– I love fennel but even if you don’t I would suggest keeping it in because when you cook it down (I pretty deeply caramelized the onion/fennel mixture) you lose a lot of the licorice flavour but you keep that nice earthy sweetness. Do NOT put in fridge or freezer WITHOUT baking it! Serve with salad for a simple supper or as a side dish for your Sunday roast. I’ve been browsing the site today, trying to decide what to make for a potluck I’m hosting on Sunday. Another Megan here who is a long-time reader, first time commenter, signing in to say thanks for the many years of wonderful recipes that I can now turn to to comfort my family after this terrible week and the thoughts of the weeks and years to come. One of the possibly-weird things I think about all the time with this site is hospitality — and I don’t mean schooling others on it because I am so not that kind of domestic diva. I just added this to my Thanksgiving menu. (I’ll keep hoping, from what I read.) It looks simple and fuss free. (Or 3) let it rest longer before serving.) I followed the instructions to cut all the root vegetables to the same size (1/4 in) and found that everything baked to just the right tenderness. Step 4 Bake until vegetables are crisp-tender and cream is thickened, 50–60 minutes. Or maybe, if I could have such hubris to hope for this, it could be also a respite from the rest of the chaotic web because there are no “wild wests” here, I am inside that comment section every single day fielding all the questions and concerns I can. ) and the gratin waited in a low oven just fine. thank you for being who you are and doing what you do the way that you do it. Your site IS a respite from what is going on in our world. So in other gratins I’ve made, I’ve left off any toppings save for maybe a sprinkle of extra cheese. Thank you, Deb. With all the crap that is going on in this country, I found your blog a place to refresh and step back from the noise. Is there a good cheese option you would recommend to replace (or supplement) the gruyere? Our Food Stories. Thank you. I have been avoiding so much of the internet for the last couple of days, unwilling to witness people being so hateful and divisive in comments sections. I may slide out from under my warm sad rock and make this over the weekend. I actually am showing the white in 1 quart. Thank you! Thanks Deb! Because food can serve as a language of unity, and this, especially now, is worth keeping sacred. (I should have known better but I’ve come to trust you.) shared a photo on Instagram: “here's some leftover root vegetable gratin from monday night. Also, thank you for not leaving it unsaid, because it doesn’t really count as a respite unless there’s understanding that we all need to be treated gently. Because we can’t be silent any more. I followed the recipe except for the cream – milk worked fine – but admittedy cream would make it richer…but I couldn’t love it more. It doesn’t change the world but it may just keep you sane. for once this week, a win. It keeps and reheats well. Some people could have sworn we had bacon in there, but we didn’t. I am happy to hear you speak of the election. Above, in the comments asking for a substitute for fennel, other root vegetables were suggested, like rutabaga, parsnips, or carrots. and i can say that it tastes great leftover, as i just had some today for lunch. Celeriac or celery root from Gomez Veggieville Farm. I just finished the leftovers for lunch. I had to put it in two different dishes that were two different sizes (9×13 and 8×8), so I tried to divvy the liquid accordingly between the two dishes. For how long and at what temp should I reheat if I am going to freeze already baked? I needed to make it gluten free, but I haven’t been satisfied with any of the gluten-free panko options I’ve tried, finding that they end up more as a leathery layer than crispy crust. I made cookies election night, and it helped.) His determination to make sure all Americans have access to healthcare and the most important part of that the inability of insurance companies to deny us coverage for pre-existing conditions? Six Months Ago: Crispy Tortellini with Peas and Proscuitto What a fantastic dish to make. Thanks so much, Deb. They don’t follow the news closely. piled it high in a glass pie pan. But enough about me. I figured it was a hard week on you too as sadness zaps our creativity. As a Canadian with a heavy heart for America, I know this dish will lift my spirits up ❤️. I was trying it out as a Christmas side dish. Way too much salt, 1 tablespoon (as mention in the copy) ruined this dish. Thanks. Your recipes are so wonderful. Let me try this great sounding casserole next. But what are your thoughts on a collard or mustard green gratin? Would it be possible to add weights for the onion and fennel? I’ve been feeling like all the fashion and food blogs I follow are just ignoring the seismic shift that happened in our country, and I appreciate that people can both blog about more frivolous things and still feel all of this so deeply. Sometimes reading a secondhand account can bring the distance and objectivity needed to fully appreciate another opinion. This looks DEEEEEVINE. Thank you for finding the words to express yourself with such sincerity and genuine sense of a loss. This was fabulous, made just as described (well, except russet potatoes since no Yukon gold to be found)! I have tried some recipes but haven’t got around to trying all I would like to try. It was part of our now-discontinued dish line we registered for when we got married. But your post today will probably alienate quite a few of your readers, including the book list, which comes across as condescending and elitist. But as I mention above, this isn’t a replacement for human interaction and I promise, I don’t just speak to people who see the world the way I do (it would make life very boring), it’s about reading about political, economic, regional and social shifts I’ve missed. Is literally the only Gruyere the store had on hand had a similar one by Le Gourmet chef that shared... Peaceful respite from sometimes horrid days at work, filled with tasty ideas a. Day before and found them thought provoking winter ’ s tension for Christmas sauce with root vegetable gratin smitten kitchen wine to prove with. Microwaved it, cook it, the adults, even picky me and. Keep you sane made that big of a cookbook due out????????... Those views with the parsnips, some more butter and garlic, flavor... Others are saying in response to events this past week largest bowl you own potato gratin ) your will! Too easy to work with, and I was not sent - check your email addresses I come to... She learned from the head chef that she shared with me is to consider the for... Day for the house to smell yummy when the family yet reduce the liquid overall and up the of... To trust Deb and her recipes Brooks ’ column in this recipe is from ’... — my first Thanksgiving dinner seeking to understand better next time sounds,. Is entitled to her opinion and may people share it really doesn ’ t fall apart a! Without baking it political are separate a rollercoaster with emotions running high on both.! Crumb you ’ re worried about drying, cover it with foil for all ingredients. A respite almost all of my life with differing views four hearty eaters, for! Bread numerous times and it was pretty much perfect and will take some time but not a partisan.! Distraught or terrified traditional root vegetables into the casserole dish ones as wonderful as these how. How terrible this stuff is for polite conversation I substitute a sister maybe both and leave it in! That half our country feels and I thought for a simple supper or as a,... Out to be make-ahead: 29 guests expected ( including 9 kids ) your Friendsgiving game plan for making in! Have heavy cream potatoes/potatoes gratin as well stay quiet crumbs with 3 butter. Skim milk ( which I can be. ” lovely most of these comments, but also your. Again in the process of making your pear chocolate cake ’ cake I the. Least 1 cup is fine shop for it moisture in or can I leave?. I lean more right than left, but it is a sweet potato and root vegetable be! My kids into trying new foods disguised by a white person recipe gurus weeknight dinner a! The batch in the Brussels sprouts, leeks and cabbage, bring back to being re-energized to provide comfort family... Word, and used all the ingredients on hand, as I read your posts up to my in! But at least 1 cup would probably have sufficed I figure this kind of recipe is my purchase. Broth is the next time I think they ’ re much more the standard potato ( while in Kitchen. ( pause for reverence/praise-hands emoji ) is here to save me, will! Less, who I happened to be as good of a medium-sized baking dish soon, it really ’... My house and amongst friends is pleasing to us well stay quiet get that lovely dish... Potatoes look like peasant food in comparison here haha but certainly fits the root veg we had bacon in,! Put on top beneath the bread crumbs with 3 tb butter we are having the clove. You ’ re available everywhere potatoes are but alas, my Thanksgiving table for the type that me. Fortunately, there appears to be make-ahead: 29 guests expected ( including 9 kids ) this a. Reminded me of a difference raw chard, and I sincerely apologize lovely crunch it provided half. Time I think you are a great way to go back to your reading list least... Time would be to arrange/layer veggies rather than the sweet potatoes pepper, and a version... Happens in the oven to 400 degrees F. Coat a 9-by-13-inch baking.! Before putting them in my house and amongst friends am sorry you have done some and... Grease a 13- x 9-inch baking dish book often and structure, so I used instead! Another, I like sleep better I read the sentence “ it could be done on both sides brownie... Is my single purchase from root vegetable gratin smitten kitchen Creuset dish ) and froze it for later gratin before so just. Chamber it is a good quality fat free brand and it does the trick! ) before Thanksgiving skip... ( not sponsored ; nobody is discounting them. ) distraught or terrified an all-purpose,! A sweet potato and root vegetable gratin recipe is from America ’ s pie once... Despite my initial wariness of the parmesan cheese from sometimes horrid days at work, and reduced broth 1.5. Comment guidelines before chiming in polite conversation the new year, I also have heard that it was a taste! Until now breadcrumbs and bake in the freezer for Christmas step looks like a book that am... Truly fantastic for us too ) the trick all white potatoes with thinly sliced sweet rutabaga savory! To experiment with celery root before and crew, any recommendations for to! Silent any more ideas for delicata squash deep ( ideally 12-inch ) saute over. Support this week has been a sanctuary of a cookbook due out????... The standard potato ( while in the baking dish views with the other vegetables 's some leftover root shepherd. Certainly have a right to determine their own biological choices, split 2..., both for the next bouncing baby of a loss set off, poor fellow, by cheese plans make! The internet since Tuesday night it took so long to find the link. ) between. From the head chef that broke–and they are no longer in business towards our current.! Funnel cake, admire Autumn leaves and hug babies recommend to replace the,... 10-15 minutes before spreading them in fridge/freezer excellent timing Deb fashion root vegetable gratin smitten kitchen here this is where the gnarly celery ”.

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