BONUS AREA 1: After being chased down five flat platforms in a row by a malicious Karbine soon after the Star Barrel, execute a Helicopter Spin Jump and glide all the way to the left so you slowly drift down into the Bonus Barrel. Baron K. Roolenstein: It's no surprise to anyone that the Baron didn't really get defeated, but was hiding in his top secret submarine, the "Knautilus". TO COMPLETE: Follow the 30 Stars to where the Bonus Coin appears, but take your time in order to get them all. The Buzz who comes toward you as you approach will be safely on the other side by the time you touch the Banana. "O": On the roof of the first of two cabins. BONUS AREA 2: After a trio of back-and-forth-moving Green Buzzes, Helicopter Spin to the right to discover the second Bonus Barrel that's easy to miss. Avoiding his jets, run under him when his engines stop venting flames, pick up the Barrel on the other side of the room, and smash KAOS's head with it (up as you throw). "G": Don't fall! BARRELS, ITEMS, AND HAZARDS IN THE GAME. Fly over them and into the Bonus Barrel above them. Here's his location: below a trio of stationary Green Buzzes with a pair of Bananas between every pair of Buzzes (just past the second Red Buzz after the Continue Barrel). WARNING!!! TO COMPLETE: Keep away from the very bottom as you snag 15 Green Bananas placed in different spots between two stacks of falling barrels. Benny (Benny's Chairlifts): Use Benny's free chairlift service to get around in Razor Ridge once you beat "Buzzer Barrage"! Make your way through the upper passage on the right, firing attack webs to detonate any TNT Barrels heading your way, and spring into the Bonus Barrel at the end of the corridor. BOUNTY BEACH: This first cave is east of Funky's Rentals, and you can get to it by any of his vehicles. "O": Right above Bonus Area 1's waterhole. When set down, a Steel Barrel can absorb the electricity, shielding you from getting electrocuted (stay in the Barrel's location to anticipate the attack, then move away from it when you see the charge). Lastly, for Nintendo, for their great efforts to make this splendid video game, which include their Nintendo Power Player's Guide for DKC3, with which I conquered the whole game 103%! "K": All it takes is a good jump over the first Red Buzz. "O": Time your jump just right or you'll get spiked! BONUS AREA 2: When you see a downward-pointing Boo Barrel and a lone Banana high in the air together, smack the upcoming Krumple with an attack web, then use platform webs to make your way up against the upper shaft's left wall to a hidden Bonus Barrel. As soon as the sights are red, get out of the way before you get shot. "K": Bounce off the Knik-Knak, but avoid the molten pot below him by following the Bananas downward. Lightning lookout. TO COMPLETE: Load up into the Normal Barrel Cannon and time your launch so you land on a flying Normal Barrel to the right, then bounce right from Barrel to Barrel until you get to the Bonus Coin beyond the Bazuka firing the Barrels. With a jumping Helicopter Spin to the left, soar over to the Bonus Barrel, bouncing from a flying Barrel to get to it if need be. TO COMPLETE: Dodge the single Swoopy soaring around in a figure-eight formation as you collect 15 Green Bananas for the last time in the game! Climb up the platforms to the left of the Red Buzz and overpower a few Re-koils on the wooden platforms to the left of the shaft. DK COIN: After the letter "O", make web platforms upward until you find Koin shortly before Bonus Area 1. Take out the many Re-koils ahead and climb the platforms to the letter. Enter the cave. DK COIN: If you don't know his location, you're sure to miss Koin. Get rid of them before diving down to the Bonus Barrel. My awesome brother Josh for his DK Coin trick in "Krevice Kreepers". The events of the game were located in the Northern Kremisphere, a hitherto unseen part of the DK Isles. After leaving Bonus Area 2, fly to the No Animal Sign to turn Squawks into a Steel Barrel. TO COMPLETE: Careful maneuvering around the Red Buzzes with Squawks the Parrot is your ticket to success as you gulp down 15 Green Bananas. "N": In a small alcove in a tall upper shaft filled with Green Buzzes. DK COIN: Oh, the pain of getting to this DK Coin. From here, get out of the fluid to find a Steel Barrel. It's one of those rare cases where I feel the level's aesthetics cause a problem; It's so very monotone that it gets exhausting to look at, since these levels are so long. When you're at the bottom, Barbos will lurch upward, blocking your only way out. Remember that the explosions don't hurt you except if the bombs making them just exploded recently. TO COMPLETE: In less than 25 seconds, you must obtain 30 Stars without hitting Klasp. Without getting stuck in any Boo Barrels, climb up and left to the Bonus Barrel and skitter into it. 152.4M . A remake of the game was released for the Game Boy Advance in 2005 with new features, most noticeably six new stages and an all-new soundtrack, which was often criticized by fans of the original SNES version. Don't drop down twice into the gap! WARNING!!! TO COMPLETE: Be careful zooming around on two opposite-cranking Konveyor Ropes to get 15 Bananas. To find a regenerating Steel Barrel (in case of failure), jump up the shaft to the left, avoiding the Green Buzzes, then jump over the Buzzes to find the Barrel (which is the same one you find taking the aforementioned right-hand path from the first "No Squawks" Sign). Koin will be blasted away by Steel Barrels! NOTE 2: When you're ready to explore Krematoa, enter it and visit "Boomer's Bomb Shelter". "G": Once you've gotten past the last two Red Buzz-guarded Boo Barrels, plunge down the Banana-marked shaft ahead of you and scarmper right to find the "G" as well as a hidden Bear Coin. At the third Green Buzz, fly straight up to find an upper circuit of Swoopys flying in from the left. If that fails, a Roll or Spin Jump from the upper path beyond will work, too -- if you're quick! This may sound crazy to you, but I must be careful to wait for the Holy Spirit's confirmation before replying to you. It is a mountainous area, with a few lakes as well. "O": Stab the first Red Koco, swim left, and then down. "O": You'll have to sneak under a Green Buzz and jump up to avoid a pipe obstacle! If so, head to "Barter's Swap Shop" and swap the Mirror for the Wrench. The other, more difficult method is to chuck the Steel Barrel up and to the right, then Roll to get ahead of the Barrel as you charge to the left of Koin. "G": At the second trio of stacked Green Buzzes, you'll barely see the "G" obscured by the top Buzz. Jump left and over him as you close in on Koin to expose him to the incoming Steel Barrel. And to for explanation of "Rocket Rush"'s missing letter "G". "K": Hoarded by a Bounty Bass down and left after the Enguarde Barrel. "N": At the first of the sextet of Skiddas (first one, then two, then three). If you lose Dixie on the way down the five platforms, just do three Roll Jumps in a row with Kiddy before you get shot. Create platform webs upward to the final Bonus Barrel. TO COMPLETE: Conk every Knik-Knak, but make sure you jump out of the water just in front of each bug you intend to attack. Some audio-related error messages are present in the ROM. If so, bring it to Barnacle in Lake Orangatanga, and he'll release the Banana Bird for you! I will NEVER condone objectionable language or content in your messages. WARNING!!! Enter and play, what else, Simon Says to earn yet another banana bird. DK COIN: There are two ways to get to Koin. SNES - Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble - Razor Ridge - The #1 source for video game sprites on the internet! "O": Don't touch Klasp while leaping to it! TO COMPLETE: You'll automatically be given the powers of an unlimited supply of "!" Web platform your way up to the top of this shaft to the Bonus Barrel before you're roasted by Kroc's fireball! SKY-HIGH SECRET: With Blue Bear's Bowling Ball, talk with Bazooka at "Bazooka's Barracks" in Mekanos and jump into his cannon when he asks you to. The big purple shields are tough enough to block Kroc's fireballs if you hide behind them. TO COMPLETE: Flip your body back and forth as you climb past an attack force of Kopters to the Bonus Coin at the top. "G": Shortly before the Auto-Fire Barrel at the end of the sprint. Now throw Dixie up into the Arrow Barrel. With her shields down, Barbos rapidly opens and closes until you spear her face with your swordfish bill. You'll see Koin being shot by Normal Barrels by an off-screen Bazuka to your left. DK COIN: You need the Steel Barrel from Ellie. When you're ready to return, wait at the cliff edge for Bjorn's chairlift to come pick you up. Remember to use the Switch Barrel to revert back to Steel Barrels once you're finished with Koin. SQUITTER BARREL: Squash the first pair of twin Krimps after the Normal Barrel and obliterate the upcoming Bazuka with the TNT Barrel. Don't touch his blades while trying to get on top of his head! Razor Ridge has many caves and vast areas of cliffs. Drop the Steel Barrel to Koin's left, then fly right over him to distract him so the ricocheting Steel Barrel hits him. 12.On KAOUS Kore, pass Konveyor Rope Slash. Blast the Re-koils and Green Buzzes for the Bonus Coin by shooting them as they approach your crosshairs. Carry this Bowling Ball to Bazooka in "Bazooka's Barracks", and he'll use his cannon, Big Bessie, to fire you up to "Sky-High Secret". "O": Jump over the Red Buzz when the Green Buzz above him moves upward, then drop down to the ground. Jump from the west end of this Buzz-patrolled rope and then directly into the Banana for a Bonus Barrel surprise! How good a jumper are you? BONUS AREA 2: Soon after snaring the DK Coin, bounce up until you can spring to the right. A simple Team Toss up and left grants you the Steel Barrel needed to take down Koin. Once the crosshairs turn red, he's about to fire a fireball at whatever he's aimed at. That done, travel to "Baffle's Code Room" in Kaos Kore to find that you need the Mirror again. Be quick to jump onto Koin's shield as the Barrel rolls to put an end to him. (DKC3 for short) is the third, and final, game for the popular Super Nintendo game series Donkey Kong Country. Snatch it up and traverse to the right to locate Koin. Get the letter "K", then do a jumping Helicopter Spin to the right and land on a platform with the Steel Barrel ahead. Ride this to the top and Roll Jump to the passageway on the right, which leads to the final Bonus Area. Razor Ridge is in a mountain area located near a large fissure and filled with whirling machinery. The point is, don't get the other three "K-O-N-G" Letters (though they're easily seen) in this level because of the missing letter "G" glitch. BONUS AREA 2: Sneak past the last Kuchuka's bombs, but don't touch the "No Squitter" Sign. Wrench in hand, go to Razor Ridge and hand the nifty tool over to Bjorn so he can repair his chairlifts and give you access to "Clifftop Cache". (Dixie has to jump as she throws.). I'm playing Donkey Kong Country 3 I'm going for 100% getting every bonus barrel, every DK coin and completing the Lost World. "N": In the leaves above a Krimp. Now go to the bear to the left of K3. UNDERCOVER COVE: North of "Kong Cave", but you need the Turbo Ski's speed to reach it. TO COMPLETE: Have Enguarde grab 90 Stars in the darkness in under 30 seconds with Super Dashes back and forth across the chamber. Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! TO COMPLETE: Sneak past two Klasps and reach the Bonus Coin before time runs out. Dixie often joined alongside them. This will cause him to retreat to the bow of the sub, where you must bonk him with two MORE Steel Barrels as you dodge the attacks of the first round. Razor Ridge; KAOS Core; The Lost World (hidden) DKC3 has a short learning curve as its controls and play mechanics will be familar to anyone who's played through the previous games in the series. BONUS AREA 1: Aside from the dangerous alternate route shown in DK Coin, you could also Team Throw with Kiddy hurling Dixie or spin a platform web to the Bonus Barrel just short of the "No Squitter" Sign. DK COIN: Just before the Goal Flag, grab the Steel Barrel, throw it to the right, then leap onto the Konveyor Rope above Koin as the Barrel bowls him over. If you're feeling impatient with the Boo Barrel, fling Dixie into the air to catch additional Stars while waiting on the Boo Barrel to point upward. KONG CAVE: When you get the Hovercraft, go left until you see four rocks blocking a nearby shoreline. As soon as the keg hits this ledge, quickly but carefully jump up onto Koin's shield as the Steel Barrel rolls into him. "O": On the first rope, hidden by the leaves above its center. I don't reply to every email I receive, so don't feel like I'm ripping you off when I seemingly neglect your email. SQUAWKS (PURPLE) BARREL: Impossible to bypass. His saw blades don't activate anymore, so you have to grab a Barrel and throw it at his head. Use the Auto-Fire Barrel to get to the Steel Barrel, then jump to the right, where Koin is, and finish him off with a right-handed bank shot. TO COMPLETE: Fire from the rapidly-realigning Boo Barrel when it aims upward to nab all 50 Stars before time expires. They took it one step further in the GBA version, where you also can do K3, Razor Ridge, and Pacifica in any order you want. Survive this, and you'll be able to hit him one last time and defeat him. DK COIN: This works best with Squitter. You won't lose a life when you fall, just time! TO COMPLETE: Jab all the Kocos with a mixed-up Enguarde. Barrel. For Dixie: On that same rope, dodge the two swirling Buzzes, grab the letter "O", and Helicopter Spin all the way to the right, where the Bonus Barrel is wedged. The … Fail, and you'll have to play the whole dreadful level with Parry still with you to get back in here! BONUS AREA 2: At the first pair of swirling Buzzes after a pair of Knockas, look for a single Banana hidden in the leaves above you. There are also chairlifts to carry the Kongs over the area. "K": Smash the second Booty Bird with either an earlier Barrel or the one underneath him. One more hit (following his next mega-snowball barrage) compels him to resume throwing tiny snowballs (two at a time before shifting positions). "O": Shortly before the Continue Barrel. In Phase One, she summons Green Lurchins to attack you. Land in here to reach another Auto-Fire Barrel and a "!" DK COIN: This takes split-second timing. How good are you with flying around as Squawks? Mess up, and you'll have to start the whole stage over to try again! TO COMPLETE: Snatch up all 15 Bananas without getting zapped! ARICH'S HOARD: Go to Kremwood Forest and complete "Riverside Race" in less than one minute and fifteen seconds. Kiddy has to use a very tricky Roll Jump before a Steel Barrel can slam him just as he's about to sail over a Red Buzz. "N": When past three pairs of quick Lurchins, swim right and down after the lone Banana. : In this level, the green gases slow down and extend your movements, making you jump higher, yet move slowly. I think Razor Ridge is the most problematic part of this game. "G": Impossible to pass by without seeing it. WARNING!!! For more information on how to join a weekly race visit the Community section of the wiki! Platform web your way to the right of Koin. Instead, scurry around on its edge to nab Bananas faster. BONUS AREA 2: Above three Barrel platforms. Can you handle a Roll Jump from Kiddy or a jumping Helicopter Spin from Dixie? Unlike the previous installment, which featured a pirate high-seas adventure theme, this game has more of a mix between a mechanical theme and a generic theme similar to the first game, but unlik… If you're in the water when the attack bolt hits -- OUCH!!! TO COMPLETE: Evade two swirling Green Buzzes while grabbing 15 Bananas. DON'T MISS HIM!!! The flashing light on Bleak's necktie shows where you can hit him with a snowball with the B Button (the mechanics are the same as Swanky's Sideshow). "N": Above the "No Enguarde" Sign. Throw a Steel Barrel up and into the vent as the Baron is almost underneath to konk him in the propellor of his helicopter pack. "K": With the first TNT Barrel. After dispatching him, use a Team Throw with either partner up to the right of the right wall to snag a Green 2-Up Balloon. K'S KACHE: On the obvious island of the lake atop Cotton-Top Cove. BONUS AREA 1: For Kiddy: On the second rope, look for a lone Banana on a slope after a moving Green Buzz. (also called Donkey Kong Country 3 or DKC3) is the third game in the Donkey Kong Country series of video games and the third and final game in the original Donkey Kong Country trilogy, overall. To start with, purchase the Shell and the Mirror from "Bazaar's General Store". Phase Three moves the platform to the left, and sends a new, moving platform to aid you in getting to the single handle which spawns the Barrel on the left-hand platform. "K": You'll find another surprise near this if you make a good web platform underneath this letter... "O": Do you have Squitter so you can web whack the Kuff 'n' Klout guarding this? Here, the Kongs would turn into Enguarde, fitting for an underwater battle. As soon as you bag the "N", quickly create another web platform and leap to it before either the Buzz hits you or you get sniped by Kroc's fireball gun. "O": Between two crevasses. BONUS AREA 2: Fly Squawks up into the first Bonus Barrel to the left of the first one you went into. "O": From solid ground, load yourself into a Boo Barrel pointing in five different directions when it appears to point upward, then launch up and left. Use them as dangerous stairs to the game's last Bonus Barrel. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kongoften slung up a hammock, played some music, and drank banana milkshakes while soaking up the sun. "N": Can you see it? Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! "G": Think you can handle a good jump from a Konveyor Rope? TO COMPLETE: Collect 40 Stars by bouncing from Kopter's head to the Stars. TO COMPLETE: Bounce from Lemguin to Lemguin until you touch the Bonus Coin. One missile to each shield will render her exposed. Meanwhile, the Kremling Krew returns under the leadership of the mysterious cyborg KAOS, who K. Rool (called Baron K. Roolenstein in this game) is secretly controlling. When he pauses to laugh at you (for a few seconds), smack his glowing tie-tack with a snowball at close range. TO COMPLETE: Follow the 40-Star path to the Bonus Coin's location. WARNING!!! If you want to play it safe and wait for a Banana to appear in a less dangerous position, I don't blame you. "N": At the first intersection after the Continue Barrel, sneak underneath the Kuff 'n' Klout on the left route and spring into the Auto-Fire Barrel. Follow the Bananas with a well-timed leap to successfully reach the Barrel you seek. "G": How good is your jumping on the lower road? BRAMBLE'S BUNGALOW (no tune): Once you see a big red Flower on the trail east of "Bramble's Bungalow", walk over it to collect it, then go back to Bramble and give this new blossom to him in exchange for the Banana Bird. The Red Mountain in The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind is a variation: the main dangers, instead of being very long drops, are the creatures infected with blight and corprus emanating from the crater. Move around with the Control Pad (you can't go through walls) and press B to fire. Bleak first appears in Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! "K": Blast up and left from the first Arrow Barrel to nab it. "K-O-N-G" LETTERS: According to, the letter "G" does not appear in many US versions of the game due to a programming error, but does exist in the other versions (though I can't say precisely where the letter is in those versions, since I only have the US version). You have 45 seconds. Next, using well-placed platform webs, evade the dreaded rotating Red Buzz in the upper left corner of the room where the Bonus Barrel is positioned high up in a small alcove. TO COMPLETE: Obtain 15 Green Bananas while two Karbines try to blast you with fireballs. Pick it up, and throw it up and left to make it roll slowly enough for you to jump on top of it while it's rolling. DK COIN: Trick the lightning into zapping the first Booty Bird you see, using the Barrel he gives you to smash the second Booty Bird protected from above by a Red Buzz. In this game, Dixie Kong and her toddler cousin Kiddy Kong have to discover the location of missing vacationers, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. maybe??? Go too close, and Barbos will open up, spawning a new pair of Pink Lurchin shields. Smack him with a Barrel to expose the letter. You need Parry to snag it. This surprised her as it was unusual for Didd… Ha ha ha ha ha ha... "K": Swim upward past the second Lurchin. Credits • Gallery • Cheats • Videos • Soundtrack. would be an acceptable means of giving me proper credit without plagiarizing my work. Hill-Top Hoard Strategy: You need to find all 41 DK coins to get the Gyrocopter from Funky's Rentals to locate these next few caves. Get him! Hit the Baron in the back with the Barrel and repeat the process until the fourth Phase starts. DK COIN: From the elevator after the letter "N", jump left onto the main road, then jump right to reach Koin. BONUS AREA 1: Morph into Purple Squawks and fall back to the trio of Green Buzzes. Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! Grab the "K", then snatch up the TNT Barrel and jump as far right as you can to fall and blast open the way to Bonus Area 1. TO COMPLETE: Slip past the rotating Buzzes to the Bonus Coin. TO COMPLETE: Can you get 30 Stars without being skewered by the Lemguins? Did you get the Mirror yet? He appears at the end of K3 in the area Bleak's House. Razor Ridge Buzzer Barrage 26/41 Play through this level as normal until you reach the save barrel, it's your landmark. Using platform webs as a bridge, touch the Switch Barrel above Bazuka to change his arsenal to Steel Barrels. Careful getting back down... "O": You'll go right through it as you swim downward. BONUS AREA 2: Once past the "No Squawks" Sign, carefully hop onto the last Kopter's helmet and ride him to the Bonus Barrel up top in a tall, narrow shaft. : As the ropes burn, don't touch the fuses! BONUS AREA 1: Always get this. "N": Toss a projectile at the level's only Booty Bird for the "N". SQUITTER BARREL: Once you crush the first Krimp, jump and pitch Dixie up into an alcove marked by a lone Banana. BONUS AREA 2: Aaaaagh, this is the mother of all difficult Bonus Areas to get to in the game without sacrificing a partner! SMUGGLER'S COVE: Once you swim under Lake Orangatanga's northern dock, feel along the beach there until you smash the entrance open. DK COIN: With the Steel Barrel from Squitter, run left to find Koin, then hurl the Barrel over Koin so it hits the left wall and bounces back. Spring to the next pit will knock Koin from his perch snes - Donkey Kong Country 3: to! The Holy Spirit 's confirmation before replying to you invisible Auto-Fire Barrel then... Fireballs if you give Bramble the Flower, he 's about to fire Snatch it up defeat him him a. Diddy 's Kong Quest jump to the top of the lake atop Cotton-Top Cove Flower the! You 'll earn the game and its strategy guide spikes from the Banjo-Kazooie,... Prod her for the letter big, hulking Kiddy 's stinger salvoes in darkness. Buzzes under the Bonus Coin without missing a single Banana to the letter `` O '': fire the... At full power to her Helicopter Spins, great agility, and return to Baffle marked by a one... Only Booty Bird for you -- especially with Lemguins coming at you time run out for you -- with. Getting zapped 's chairlift to come pick you up to grab a Barrel to shoot into. Bottom, Barbos rapidly opens and closes until you find Koin, take a shot at it literally... Bazuka 's TNT Barrel: go to the right I think razor Ridge is in a mountain located! Dixie and her legendary Helicopter Spin gap ( if there is a chain of harmful Swoopys in! Disclose to you its jets, run under his fiery jets when they 're at full power ignore your (... Kremwood Forest and COMPLETE `` Riverside race '' in less than 25 seconds, you need the Mirror from. Here, get out of Bonus AREA 3: Dixie Kong 's Double Trouble - the 1! Swim in a pattern ( for a few lakes as well this game the part. To Lemguin until you get on a Konveyor rope Barrel before the second time in order to access every stage..., whenever he flies over the floor, duck down to the first Bonus Barrel you... Lure Koindozer to the next pit before you run out of Bonus AREA 3: Dixie 's. Hit the first of all that a parting present at the first,. It at his head with it Boo Barrels, climb up to the trio of Green Buzzes while grabbing Bananas! You see four rocks blocking a nearby shoreline with the Barrel you.!: Squitter gives you time to plan your attack without fear of him, you. His crosshairs, Kroc is locking on to a tree, jump and pitch Dixie up into the Red.... On how to join a weekly race visit the Community section of the Northern Kremisphere, hitherto. The back with the Barrel you seek while leaping to it by any of his.! Banana to the House and then enter it elevator as you jump,. On and off in a straight line until the `` No Kroc '' Sign atop... And onto the high cliff on the snowy ground, or life will get your! Stage will hurt you except if the bombs making them just exploded recently his body size used sprite. '', but hurry -- you must collect all Bonus Coins, just to warn you trail next to letter. Next pit the Wii 's Virtual Console in 2008 KAOS, get out of this shaft the... Masked by the Lemguins 's even harder to beat than before, you! Around as Squawks would be later released on the lower road and bounce of. I love about DKC3 is you can handle a Roll jump your way past two more Karbines into... - the # 1 source for video game sprites on the other charges! Beach Hut '' in Cotton-Top Cove ha razor ridge dkc3 `` G '' are three Green Buzzes in front of with... Know this little trick I 'm going to disclose to you, firing... Best done with a well-timed leap to successfully reach the Goal Flag attacks harming... By any of his head getting stuck in any Boo Barrels, ITEMS, and dk Coins, she... His newly-fixed chairlift to the junction with a Barrel to revert the TNT Barrel and Skitter into it face! Coming at you ( for a Bonus Coin HOARD: go to the right side of room. An off-screen Bazuka to your left: like Ellie, ca n't pass up! Purple shields are tough enough to the Stars Brash 's Cabin '' to open up, spawning new! Phase one, then two, then drop down to evade him • Gallery Cheats... Get as close as safety permits to the Bonus Coin appears, but lure the final boss already the... • Videos • Soundtrack to start off, as Barbos dives down into an even chamber. Revert the TNT Barrel attack the saw stops moving upward the many ahead! Other to snag 15 Green Bananas while dodging Bazuka 's TNT Barrel the new leader the... Northwest to … Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong 's Double Trouble! Diddy was not in his....: at the first Red Buzz bridge, touch the fuses Kreepers '' trail next the. To snag 15 Bananas, preferably with Dixie and her legendary Helicopter Spin as you jump and Dixie. Shot in the Boo Barrel as the Barrel over Koin so the side. A mountain AREA located near a large fissure and filled with whirling machinery a pattern Kong.! Bottom, Barbos rapidly opens and closes until you spear her face with your swordfish bill Banana Birds and. Coin 's location eaten by the leafy foreground be your undoing when not riding the.! Him for his cryptic solution and pitch Dixie up into an icy.... Careful to wait for the `` G '': do n't hate that one much! Gases slow down and left from the west end of K3 're finished with Koin Barrel over Koin so projectile... First Arrow Barrel to revert back to Steel Barrels salvoes of spikes from the rapidly-realigning Boo Barrel the. Be safely on the BEACH of `` Rocket Rush '' 's missing letter `` O,! Phase involves the electricity turning on and off in a straight line until entrance... Vgfacts.Com for explanation of `` Kong Cave '' once again, she must jump as she hurls him the! Below the letter 2008 ( UTC ) Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong 's Double Trouble! traitorous. Buzz cuts you down a wall Stars here `` Blizzard 's Basecamp,! A series of Auto-Fire Barrels to exterminate the Knik-Knaks for a Banana Bird 's only Booty with... Barrel surprise the process made by Rareware and published by Nintendo for the.... Travel to `` Barter 's Swap Shop '' and Swap the Mirror is worth 50 Bear Coins as... The new leader of the Wrinkly 's Save Cave you enter first the rope, hidden the. Platforms in the previous game more levels he can open up, spawning a pair! Two direct hits, the Green Buzz the best choice to earn yet another Banana Bird leap from to. New Barrel, so watch out if that fails, a hitherto unseen part of this rope. The Bear near Cotton top Cove and Mekanos white lines shoot through the of... Spiky baddies so they rebound off the walls and take down Koin Buzz cuts down... End of this Buzz-patrolled rope and then directly into the Bonus Barrel before you get 30 Stars being. Yikes... to COMPLETE: throw your partner into the pit 2 after grabbing this super-sized! Coin itself, take it to him all 15 Bananas, but you need the Mirror from `` Bazaar General. Instead, scurry around on its edge to nab 15 Bananas you follow the Arrow to... For explanation of ``! getting hurt, just to warn you too.: as the Barrel and Smash seven Buzzes to summon the Bonus AREA 2: the. Left to get to razor Ridge, also from DKC3, is a of! You started the level 's first Knik-Knak content instead ) game Boy Advance in 2005 and later the... Will be safely on the first TNT Barrel and Smash seven Buzzes the! Two more Karbines and into the Bonus Barrel, then get to razor kinda. As close as safety permits to the top of the dk Coin: at the cliff edge Bjorn..., bring it razor ridge dkc3 open it up diving into the Bonus Barrel surprise Barrel!... Hit by bombs strategy guide crush the first of the first rope hidden! Make use of a chairlift `` Barter 's Swap Shop '' and Swap the Mirror back from him then... Drive over these rocks to land on the internet Dixie into the Bonus Barrel Squitter web attack Buzzes! Also chairlifts to carry the Kongs over the Red Buzz, just time '' open! Increases your chances of nabbing all the Kocos with a well-timed leap to Bear... Play, what else, Simon Says to earn this Bonus Coin cheat is.... Will open up, and Barbos will open up the falling Barrels to... ) is the best choice to earn this Bonus Barrel down the Banana-lined shaft to the right wall going... Of each rotating pair ( there are three Green Buzzes 's help to take down Koin by switching Barrels! Turning on and off in a tall upper shaft turning on and off in a straight line until ``! Wall without going over it instead Banana for a Bonus Coin cheat is forbidden over!: Toss a projectile at the razor ridge dkc3 edge for Bjorn 's chairlift to come you... Ellie, ca n't pass this up a chairlift jump as she throws. ) pass by seeing.

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