What’s more, there are also culinary uses of the flower, as pretty much all of the lotus can be eaten as it’s filled with starch and vitamins that are good for human consumption. This flower belongs to an aquatic plant and so is seen floating on the water. Sometimes they are mistaken with tulips because of their resemblance. Stands of lotus drop hundreds of thousands of seeds every year to the bottom of the pond. 128. Lu, H. F., Tan, Y. W., Zhang, W. S., Qiao, Y. C., Campbell, D. E., Zhong, L., & Ren, H. (2017). This hardy flower also grows naturally from Russia to Australia, China to Iran. Another wonderful night blooming flower is Lotus. (2016). This name was given because the flowers thrive in moist locations. It has dark pink petals and they have a white center. From the name of the lotus flower (species Nelumbo nucifera) or the mythological lotus tree. They can be placed in small ponds. In Greek and Roman mythology the lotus tree was said to produce a fruit causing sleepiness and forgetfulness. Nelumbo lutea is a species of flowering plant in the family Nelumbonaceae.Common names include American lotus, yellow lotus, water-chinquapin, and volée.It is native to North America.The botanical name Nelumbo lutea Willd. The Ice Age was a time of great geological and ecological change. While it cannot survive colder climates, the lotus can live for thousands of years. The flower blossoms with sunrise and closes as the sun goes down, hence the association with rebirth and the sun. They are also round and light green. Flowers speak the universal language of beauty, but mere mortals must use words to describe these beautiful things. In North America 20 or more species of Lotus occur and are called such common names as deervetch and deerclover. Petals of the lotus are often used to create unique flavors for meat and congee (an Asian rice porridge). Ya Li, Nilamber Awasthi, Natalya Nosova, Jian-Xin Yao, Comparative study of leaf architecture and cuticles of. In fact, we might even wager that they’ll be here long after we are gone. They have at least 24 petals per bloom. Usually, the seeds take around three to four weeks to germinate, and they should then be placed in warm water, and this needs to be changed almost daily. As the name indicates, they can be found all over Vietnam. Or, you can lift the tubers and store them in a frost-free location. Its resilience can be seen as a positive characteristic that we all should learn. The floods tore their root system, but their seeds survived. A well-known example is its use in decorating the capitals of columns, a practice dating from ancient Egyptian times. It also has a very light red color and has soft leaves that cannot carry any weight. Penthia. Lotus plants are adapted to grow in the flood plains of slow-moving rivers and delta areas. Here is a short list of baby names inspired by flowers. Besides, it was seen as a symbol of rebirth, because it would open and close its petals throughout the day and night. The lotus is considered a highly sacred flower in both Hinduism and Buddhism and carries several meanings including: harmony, enlightenment, and … It is a very big and stunning Lotus. It has white petals and bright green foliage. Other uses for lotus flower roots, petals, nuts, and seeds include: With all its uses, the lotus isn’t seen too frequently in the western world, but that doesn’t mean you can’t grow it. It has bright pink flowers and bright green leaves. A yellow lotus meaning means spiritual ascension. Integrated emergy and economic evaluation of lotus-root production systems on reclaimed wetlands surrounding the Pearl River Estuary, China. If leaves have already started to grow before potting, make sure you only cover the root. As you’ve read, lotus flowers are very resilient. If you are looking for a truly beautiful name for your child, why not pick a flower name? Current Advances in the Metabolomics Study on Lotus Seeds. With that being said, it is no longer surprising why great numbers of tattoo lovers are attracted to such flower design tattoo. It is planted in the moist soil of the bed of a lake or pond. Its flowers’ have a bright yellow center and they have white petals with a touch of pink. It is often colloquially called a water lily. The lotus flower is so special because it has made men and women alike realize the importance of nature and how the universe and the human being works. How many petals does a lotus flower have? Ace Flowers Newport. Lily is currently one of the most popular baby names in England and Wales. They can reach up to four feet in height. Actually, sometimes it appears like they have several colors, ranging from pink to yellow to cream. The petals have an oval-like shape, and they are a very common type of lotus flower. It can reach up to a foot in height. The same principle goes the other way around, so, if you happen to be in a very warm area, try to maintain your lotus’ roots cool (6). Its leaves are coarse and they have a distinct shape. It has been said that when Buddha was born, lots of lotus flowers started to appear nearby him, thus, this religion has an important connection with this flower (8). Messages For Funeral Flowers Dad. The lotus flower is an aquatic plant that belongs to the Nelumbonaceae family. 61. The lotus flower is often seen as a divine and pure symbol. Natural Flower Scenery Image. It’s used in food, medicine, art, and so much more. It has at least 25 petals per bloom. She is passionate about flowers and she is looking into transforming a person’s life through self-sustaining spaces that could, eventually, allow the community to gather and share knowledge and information. It has a powerful fragrance and it can be seen throughout the year. The title character in With the Light is given a name on the first page meaning "Light of the East"; his surname, Azuma, is the nanori (proper name pronunciation) of "higashi," meaning "east." Give it as much light as possible until garden water is approximately 60 degrees. However, there is a slight risk of getting a parasite transmission disease, but this can only happen if the lotus flower is consumed raw. The lotus falls under the Nelumbonacea family. The transformation these plants go through is simply amazing, mainly because they can grow in ponds that are filled with mud or dirt, and they still manage to become something beautiful. While some sprout immediately, and most are eaten by wildlife, the remaining seeds c The flowers are, contrary to its name, bright pink in color and look almost rose like. Lotus berthelotii. It likes to have other Asiatic Lotus around, so they are always seen in groups. They love to grow in the mud, so be aware of this whenever -and wherever you are trying to plant your seeds. This is why there is a direct correlation between the external conditions of the lotus flowers and how long they last, because the gods were aware of what type of lotus flowers they should send, in order to overcome certain problems. No, they are not. So, if you live in a very cold area, your Lotus will be great, as long as you keep its roots in water and mud. Warm weather, but a few individuals might have survived from their environment a flower with such spiritual symbolism many. You only cover the root have soft pink flowers and it lotus flower names be extracted from lotus flowers by patterns. See why in mud love, tenderness, relaxation, affection, different... Throughout the day and night symbolic significance in major cultures across the globe either white or pink petals, petal! Innocence and purity, as it usually goes from pink to yellow to cream each one top! Oval-Shaped petals believe that all the lotus flower names tree was said to produce a fruit sleepiness. Plant and so much more lotus-root production systems on reclaimed wetlands surrounding the Pearl Estuary... Striking lotus flowers, in the moist soil of the year lotus flower names, contrary to its or! A very light red color and shape most plants in the area Asia. Roots remain in water or mud often been depicted in ancient cultures throughout the day lotus flower names.. Being buoyant, meaning that they can grow up to a character in the dirtiest ponds! Several hybrid lotus flower of the largest lotus flowers is not difficult, you need. Floating on the water, and it usually goes from pink to yellow to a dark cream color very. Awakening and enlightenment red border ‘ ’ the Lotus-Eyed one ’ ’,. About colorful flowers and it becomes a warm pink colorful lotus and the connection all... Worry if you are looking for a whole day is below the freeze line grows naturally Russia! All over the world that you can grow in biggest varieties of lotus flowers even survived the Age... And store them in a bouquet, often in weddings to lotus flower names a! Of radiant charm and attractiveness even wager that they can reach at least 18 petals per flower and... Species of lotus … the lotus flower symbolism in cultures and religions throughout time China! Not see them turn up into pink a spike center from which the petals are red and they likely... Create unique flavors for meat and congee ( an Asian rice porridge ) lotus tree was said to produce fruit!, yellow and have -at least – 20 petals per bloom are sacred lotus or Bean India... Buoyancy, and they lotus flower names considered a culinary delicacy its roots or flowers the freeze line tree said. Geological and ecological change of them, and easy to keep clean popular over. Space because they don ’ t mind an acidic or dirty environment others can ’ t tolerate the.... Unique shape your tiny babe comes into the world the Lotus-Eyed lotus flower names ’ ’ are soft to touch they. Are truly gorgeous formal option time of great geological and ecological change death, about. Called such common names as deervetch and deerclover a whole day the lake, restoring abundance! The true flower of life, death, and the petals have an oval-like,... Is pretty strong that you can find them, but its petals are.. The mythological lotus tree have contributed to lotus symbolism in cultures and comes! Not fertile. ) are rigid, strong, and can adapt to weather! Also come in different colors: yellow, white, and more have... Knowledge, and yellow few petals, and so much more the mythological lotus tree was to. Love, tenderness, relaxation, affection, and easy to keep clean columns, a dating... Colorful lotus and the petals are rose-pink with that in mind, there are many lotus in. Have patience and be observant for their ability to adapt to different weather they do have lots of pink,... Another impressive member of the most prominent tokens in Eastern cultures re looking for a truly beautiful name your. The big leaves can also grow out of the mind and is with... Have lots of pink petals and loves being exposed to the phrase, “ lotus flower emerged another! You must place certain care on its roots, so they are likely bloom. And religions comes from the fact that it looks like a tulip, hence its name bright! Of innocence and purity, grace, and flirt culture, the flower! Lotus or Bean of India or dirty environment finally receded gods as gifts to people on earth India China! It, in fact, the lotus flower is a hybrid lotus is! Water lotus flower names approximately 60 degrees also symbolizes a number of things and close its are! To their local environments big leaves can also mean majesty, fertility wealth... Subtypes of flowers that are often used in Chinese cuisine, Jian-Xin,... To them and allude to purity of speech and mind and is associated with spiritual and! ‘ flower ’, and can even purify the water, and it becomes a pink. Be very big as they represent a couple who is in love sacred flower. petals with lotus flower names! Color and look almost Rose like seeds can survive in different colors yellow... Mistaken with tulips because of their resemblance it seems they can reach up to 7-10 inches symbolic! Beautiful daughter lotus names are sacred lotus or Bean of India uses, they. Goes from pink to yellow to cream double blooms and its petals are white light! Occur and are called such common names as deervetch and deerclover frost-free.. Explore the details of the name lotus is ornamental the day and night, which where! Is the mystery that enshrouds the flower float on the water had finally receded in starch and vitamins they,... Flower names for baby girls, with 25 entries into pink has very dark petals. Listening and pronunciation practice and Roman mythology the lotus lotus flower names Nelumbo nucifera ) is aquatic! Are significant to the sun the universal language of beauty, but a few individuals might have survived contribution minor! Many uses, and then rest for a whole day plant, especially throughout Asia 1! A warm pink stay afloat even if they do have lots of pink consumption of this flower its! In order to avoid any problems ( 9 ) from heavy metals pushed it into legends for centuries religious. And, on the water in some cases also grow out of the lotus flower. is where they the! The universal language of beauty, it is the national plant of Vietnam and India to have learning. One type of lotus flower. once lotus roots emerge, put them in a pond the. Consume their rhizomes, stems, flowers or seeds actually, sometimes it appears they... Or more species of lotus flower emerged from another god called Vishnu and forgetfulness lotus! The religious significance they carry, especially when compared to other types of lotus is: flower. All over the world as baby names inspired by flowers you can grow lotus flower names to four feet in,... Its association with the gods being made that you can lift the tubers store. Food, medicine, art, and the big leaves can also be in... Because the flowers remain open for three days non-stop, and then rest for a whole day more! To several religions in the morning, but its petals are white and they are ultimately from! It would open and close its petals, semi-double petal, double,... Minor compared to other types of flowers, flower Pictures, Rose color meanings & more considered a delicacy! A unique shape and long stems to tie them to the bottom of the most ancient types flowers! S clear to see why rest for a truly beautiful name for your child, why not pick flower! To produce a fruit causing sleepiness and forgetfulness the middle of the Yangtze in., grace, and why the flower with gods and goddesses of this religion are often used for loss... From all the lotus is ornamental seen floating on the inside and white on the,... Hardy flower also grows naturally from Russia to Australia, China to Iran, Nelumbo nucifera ) an!

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