Washington doesn’t explicitly state how long it will take, but most states take within 8-10 business days to process and issue sales tax permits. 'andSelf', Currently, 45 states and DC require ecommerce sellers to collect sales tax under Economic Nexus. fill-rule="evenodd"> hit._snippetResult[key].value = _.escape(hit._snippetResult[key].value); } Tax Registration. Click “Next” and follow the prompts that walk you through the process of registering with Washington, D.C. What Happens After You Apply for a Sales Tax Permit in Washington, D.C.? For more detailed information on the necessity of getting a permit, you can learn more at our blog post “, If you are not sure where you should get sales tax permits, we can help determine that for you with our. If you are stuck or have questions, you can either contact Washington, D.C. directly or reach out to us and we can register for a sales tax permit on your behalf. If a business in your state gives you a sales tax exemption certificate when buying products for resale, you must honor it. 'clean', Once you’re sure you need a sales tax permit in Washington, D.C., you can proceed with registering. }); return wp.template('autocomplete-header')({ 'sub', Threshold: In 2020 the threshold will be $150,000, and then $100,000 in 2021 and thereafter. templates: { // Suppress error alerts in older browsers